Jacob ben Samson

(fl. 12th cent)
   French historian and scholar, pupil of Rashi. According to the tosaphists, he was the author of Seder Olam, a chronology of the tannaim and amoraim.

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  • JACOB BEN SAMSON — (early 12th century), a pupil of rashi , whose customs he reported. Jacob was apparently one of the teachers of jacob tam . According to the tosafists, Jacob was the author of a work entitled Seder Olam, a chronology of the tannaim and amoraim… …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

  • SAMSON BEN SAMSON OF COUCY — (called ha sar mi Coucy; 13th century), French tosafist. Samson, a descendant of joseph bonfils , belonged to a distinguished family of French scholars. Judah of Corbeil was his uncle and moses of Coucy his brother in law. He was one of the… …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

  • JACOB BEN YAKAR — (d. 1064), German rabbi. Jacob was the principal teacher of rashi , who refers to him as ha Zaken, and also of Solomon b. Samson. Another of his pupils was the gaon quoted in the Shitah Mekubbeẓet to Bava Kamma, from chapter 7 onward. From Worms …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

  • SOLOMON BEN SAMSON — (11th century), scholar of Worms, a contemporary of Rashi s teachers. He used to sign himself ששו״ן and as a result is referred to as Sason. His teachers were jacob b. yakar and, apparently, eleazar of Worms, and he was a colleague of isaac b.… …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

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  • TAM, JACOB BEN MEIR — (Rabbenu; c. 1100–1171), tosafist and leading French scholar of the 12th century. Rabbenu Tam was the grandson of rashi and the son of meir b. samuel , Rashi s son in law. His teachers were his father, his brother samuel , and jacob b. samson , a …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

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